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How to be intimidating

Even I feel a little intimidated by the super successful person. Now of course, if you know me, you will know that I am going to tell you to NOT stop doing any of these things just because you are scaring people away. I still think they must be smarter than me and *how can I carry on a conversation with them and what on earth would I talk about with this person and oh dear I better just stay away*. By all means, keep being the confident, assertive amazing person that you are. You did whatever it took to get you to where you are now. These strong character traits, in my eyes, are not so easy to come by.

What does the situation look like from 10 000 feet? When a person is actively intimidating you, the only way that person will stop is if their behaviour is brought to light. With your experience, you can help others do the same. Don’t let an intimidating person or situation block you from seeing it. Tai M, a full-service digital marketing agency (, Montreal Tips (, Inspiring Canadians (

Holding the head at a downward angle may make people appear smaller and thereby less threatening, or make the lips appear to smile.

Their findings, however, suggest that the downward head tilt may inspire intimidation because it mimics the appearance of a wider, shorter face.

There are many people who have very strong character traits. People will judge you and snub their nose at you but they do this in fear. This is one of the character traits that really puts people off. Does what I share with you move you in any way shape or form? If anything I have ever shared with you has inspired, motivated, empowered or enlightened you please consider supporting my work by buying me a coffee!!

Your shoulders are back, your walk is one of complete pride and self confidence. “Wait, don’t run away, I’m a fun person, honest I am.” Peace and Love Iva Did you love this post?

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In the world of facial expressions, that gesture is known as “Action Unit 4,” and it’s believed to make people appear higher-status.

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