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Instant message chat with sluts

She felt the cloth coming over her head, then over her eyes as the stranger secured the blindfold and her submission."Pose for me, Emily, like the woman in the picture." Emily could not move.Before her mind could decipher what was happening the command came again in a somewhat more stern voice."Pose for me Emily, like you did for your imaginary visitor." Her situation dire, Emily began to will herself to obey. The stranger's hand soon made contact with the small of her back and began pressing.The initial sensation was a surprise, but it was not painful.

The vision of her bent before him, the words on her ass begging him for her, her mind finally accepting the fact that her body had long since betrayed her, with its perspiration, its glistening moistness. She strained, she strained ever so much, pushing her cunt out for the stranger. It seemed like forever that she exposed herself to him, waiting, waiting.

The scene intrigued her; it described something similar to the fantasies she had been experiencing lately. " "emily" "Tell me how you build the scene in your mind, Emily" She paused for a moment, unsure whether to continue. i struggle against him but he is just too big, too strong. "it is off" "Look down at yourself, at your panties. " "he is hoping i will remove my panties" "Will you? "How will you communicate to the stranger what sort of woman you are? The picture was of the same woman apparently in the same pose. In the corner of her eye, however she noticed a light coming from the darkened living room. " She first wondered how her husband could have gotten back so quickly, since he was in California.

She composed a quick IM, took a deep breath, and clicked on send. " "i could imagine myself in the scene" "You have had similar thoughts before? They seemed to be growing stronger the longer she explored them on AOL. The fantasy almost always played itself out the same way - an intruder in her home. a man breaks in and forces me" "Forces you to what? " "yes" She stood up, slowly bending downward as she removed her panties. Will you bend over for him like the woman in the picture? She began to think he may have resent by mistake when the differences became apparent. She wondered if she had left the TV on and went to investigate. But as she continued looking at the question on the screen she began to consider the possibility that it was not him.

She passed over the crowded ones since she was not interested in group chat tonight. i close my lips, denying him entry but the heat of his cock warms my lips. The woman was in front of a computer, bent over in front of it to be precise. Though she could not hear the woman the two words scrawled in red lipstick on her ass spoke for her - "fuck ME! Providing physical stimulus to reinforce your mental images? " She pondered the effect her change in attire would have on a man.

Beginning with the rooms at the bottom of the list she began checking the profiles of the inhabitants, searching for one that exhibited the imagination so important in good roleplay. i am getting wet, but I clench my mouth more tightly. i feel a sharp pain, not sure what, but the shock of it causes me to gasp, and before i can recover he has forced his cock into my mouth" "What are you wearing, Emily? The room was dark, the area surrounding her illuminated by the flash of the camera behind her and the glow from the screen in front of her. Her hands on the chair back, she seemed to be straining, straining to arch her back and thrust out her most private parts for the camera. "yes" "Tell me about your panties." "they are white ... Run one finger over them, over the place you think would interest a man" "ok" Emily complied, no longer questioning his requests.

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Her husband, when he was not working, seemed to find other things to occupy his time. Night classes, volunteer efforts, any number of things she had tried, however nothing had captured her fancy like the community she found when she signed onto AOL.

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