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Israel girls sex chat

Last week, the Israeli newspaper revealed that Epstein was a principal investor in Carbyne, a video streaming and geolocation software start-up founded by Barak in 2015.

Barak, who recently returned to politics ahead of September 17 elections as a fierce Netanyahu critic, has been the subject of reports highlighting his business ties with Epstein, who has been charged with sex trafficking of minors in the United States.The arrest last week of wealthy financier and sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein has resonated in Israel because of his mysterious—but well-known—ties to former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who announced a new bid for office last week, and whose name appeared in Epstein’s infamous black book of prominent guests.The news could not have come at a better time for current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is facing a tough reelection campaign after failing to form a government following elections in April, throwing the country into an unprecedented second consecutive electoral campaign.I met a group of Israeli travelers during my trip to South America in March, all of whom were insistent that I needed to give the country another chance, in particular one I nearly bedded but didn’t.I pondered their implied invitation over the weeks and months that followed, seeing whether the decidedly negative views I’d developed about Israel — for instance, its brutal foreign policy and seeming apathy toward human rights — would linger as spring faded into summer.

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“I suggest the people at the Daily Mail and anyone cooperating with them to prepare their credit cards.

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