Looking single muslim women for dating

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Looking single muslim women for dating

Basically, I see marriage & family as the next step to enrich life.Just recently don the hijab and very happy in doing so. Btw, I can't cook as have my own maid and I weigh about 52 kg.I have a positive and strong personality and I like to encourage and motivate my partner. In a sense, marriage is the beginning of becoming a better person.I’m looking to settle down with my other half if he meets my criteria. So when we search for the right spouse, we need to be a good and sincere person first; find a good decent and sincere spouse that both can grow together in to a righteous husband and wife!I wanna wo­rk together with my man in­ achieving Jannah. I ­will try to make my man th­e happiest man alive.­ I will refrain him fro­m the bad n guide him t­o the good.

With these 2, love will come naturally with Allah's will. I love reading, go for a stroll, i pray 5 times a day. I try to fast on Mondays n Thursdays and other Sunnah fasting days.*patient & good listener *A passionate traveller and gatherer of experiences *Sweet tooth *Loves the gym n in the pursuit of keeping fit but most importantly healthy. A simple, honest, loyal, treat people the way how they treat me. I am far from being perfect, striving to be a better slave of Allah. im looking for sumone who cud complete my deen who could hold my hand and take me to jannah. I don't particularly follow one madhab, i follow the way of the salaf. Once­ I've been lied upon ­I lose the Trust fore­ver. A good wife is often not found, a good husband is also often not found!*Adores brainstorming, understanding and discussions rather than self deciding and ignorance As Salam Mualaikum, I am a very loving, caring and sensitive woman. I am into real and healthy food, natural remedies, gentle birthing. im jovial witty funny can b possesive at times but when i love i love hard. Instead, spouses grow togather into a good husband and a good wife!The fancy attitude of searching for the ideal spouse is way impractical; the ideal spouse is made rather than found, and the way to make him/her is by being good yourself!As for me I will stri­ve to b a good wife a­ good Muslimah n a go­od mother.

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