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I was understanding for a while but seriously I don't want children dictating when I can fuck." "I was on the fence about kids, leaning towards no because while I really enjoy kids once they hit four years and older, toddlers and babies are just not for me.The experience was positive on the kid-front and also opened my eyes to a few new dating rules I had to put into place for myself.I was so incredibly uninterested in any stories about his kids, hanging around his kids, talking to his kids, going on outings with his kids... They both annoyed me all the time, especially the youngest one who would try to force me to play with him every 20 minutes. But yeah, I never wanted to be a mum or a step mum to anyone else's kids so I guess you could say it was doomed from the start." "I casually dated a guy with a two year old daughter a few years ago.The oldest one was sometimes more tolerable because I could actually have a conversation with her and she was quiet most of the time. It was mostly fine because it was casual and I never really wanted to make him my boyfriend or anything.As any of the 272,000 followers of the Instagram account “DILFs of Disneyland” will tell you, there’s just something about a man with a baby.In fact, the data analysts at behavioral matchmaking site Zoosk recently learned that single dads receive 22% more first messages than those without children.

How did your life have to change because of your choice to be with this person?After two years we all decided that the kids could meet me if I took off my wedding ring and never mentioned being now they know me and we exchange Christmas presents and stuff, but they don't know about my husband, or about their dad's other girlfriend.(As part of this, he also has to remain in close contact with his ex-wife, as they are still co-parents, which he otherwise probably would not do.) 2) There has been intense debate and conflict between the two co-parents on whether to tell the kids that he's poly (and, thus, whether to introduce them to me, or how to handle all that in general).He's mostly in favour of honesty, the co-parent is not.

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I haven't been too thrown by the situation, since I don't live with the kids, and he only has them half the time so they aren't at his house constantly either.