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Yes, Quicken was installed before W 10 was, but has since been uninstalled and reinstalled countless times with no success.I am reluctant to perform a Clean Boot as it removes all apps and is not sure to solve the initial problem. I used Quick Books, then OFX (Open Financial e Xchange - arguably the first public "Web Service," even though it's SGML and bailing-wire - and moved forward as new, better personal finance managers (PFM) came out.I diligently have exported and imported, massaged and cajoled over 20 years (yes, twenty) of financial data from my first sole-proprietorship at 15 until today moving accounts and account data from bank to bank and from PFM to PFM.This can be done by following the directions below.First, deactivate the accounts: If you are still having problems downloading, then write down the exact error message you're receiving and search our support site for a different resolution.From its inception in 1991 until its discontinuation in 2009, Microsoft Money was commercial software.Microsoft discontinued sales of the software on June 30, 2009 and removed access to online services for existing Money installations in January 2011.

Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available...

Maybe online apps that manage money will get smarter with new Browser Plugins like Google Gears (once there's a security story).

Either way, I don't think the future of my money involves a 350 megabyte CD-based installer.

It was designed for computers using the Microsoft Windows operating system, and versions for Windows Mobile were also available (available for Money 2000-2006 on select versions of Windows Mobile, up to, but not including, Windows Mobile 5.0).

Money is no longer being actively developed as a retail program.

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