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Miley cyrus dating 22 year old

Miley took Kaitlynn to meet her mother Tish just days ago.

A new report claims that Liam has been 'seeking comfort' in friend Isabel Lucas after his shock split from Miley.

Just weeks after the split, Kaitlynn was spotted vacationing in Italy with pop singer Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus has been going through a very high-profile breakup with her actor husband Liam Hemsworth.

stars Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter have split earlier this month and have been spotted with their new flames; Brody was seen with model Josie Canseco, while Kaitlynn has continued her fling with singer Miley Cyrus.

Sources on Liam's side claim this is not correct, according to the site, and say the real issue was Miley's philandering.'Kaitlynn is a wonderful person, beautiful and fun to be with, always a positive force in my life.We decided the best move for both of us was to keep our love for watch other strong but move forward separately with our lives.Josie and Brody reportedly met through co-star Frankie Delgado in New York.After the two couples split, everyone but Liam appears to be moving on, who is spending time with family at this time.

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He shared on social media: 'There is far too much negativity being directed at someone who I love and care about very much. Kaitlynn and I have been best friends for 6 years, and we continue to be.