Move from dating to relationship

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Move from dating to relationship

They're just out for a good time and to have fun with each other - that's the extent of the relationship.A couple can go on like this for a while, or the relationship between them can turn more serious, sometimes without their intention or expectation.For instance, maybe you thought you could handle a casual relationship, but after trying it out, you realized that it's not exactly your cup of tea.Conversely, maybe you see yourself falling for the person, and you feel like you're taking advantage of them by sleeping with them without the promise of something more.Maybe they've spent so much time together that they've realized that they don't need or want anyone else, or that no one else measures up to that person.

On a sadder note, some couples decide that their casual relationship can no longer continue because they are becoming possessive and jealous.Just because the relationship is casual does not mean that you can't be honest with that person about your feelings at any point in the relationship.Honesty does not equal seriousness if that isn't what you want.Maybe you're the one who wants to take things to the next level and announce your intentions to make this relationship more serious. For instance, a college-age boy may feel he has found "the one," while his college-age semi-girlfriend is more interested in finishing school and establishing a career for herself before settling down and having a family.Evaluating The Relationship The first thing you should do is evaluate your situation. If not, then you may already have the answer to one of your questions.

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You're simply being respectful of the other person's feelings and giving that person the opportunity to change course if it turns out your feelings have changed.

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  1. You do not have to be with someone that you consider to be selfish. Once you fall for him, little moment to enjoy with him, and you will realize that he is not the man for which you fell, even not close. Okay, you paid, but what if this happens regularly? If you do not meet him, he will appear at your workplace or home; He will ask you every move, he wants to know everything about you.