Msf acronym dating

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Msf acronym dating

more torque in the low-mid RPM range with a few less horsepower in the top end.) 2. – Like a fuel gauge on a gasoline-powered vehicle, the state of charge indicates the amount of fuel remaining for use in a battery electric vehicle, hybrid-electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. The fuel (or electrical charge) is measured in percentages, with 0% being empty and 100% being full.

Term for a basic, universal, multipurpose motorcycle design. – What a cop would do to check for Straight Pipes is stick his nightstick in the end of the exhaust pipe and if it didn’t stop and went all the way in, ya got a coupon for straight pipes (a fix it ticket).

– Main frame structure made up of two sheet steel pressings welded together along the center line. Often called a “T” or “7” frame as this describes the shape of the frame. The racy light weight mega-fast bikes with full fairing, comfort is not taken into consideration on these bikes rather they are made for hard acceleration, quick and responsive maneuvering, and rapid stopping power. Motorcycle offering high performance characterized by leading edge engine design, heavily applied racing technology, radical aerodynamic styling, low handlebars, high performance tires and suspension, low weight, high RPM engine and big disc brakes. A motorcycle designed for optimal speed and handling characteristics, often with expensive bodywork. Motorcycles that go under this category are a compromise between powerful sports bikes and touring bikes. In reference to younger MC riders with little respect to posted speed limit laws, self safety or safety of others. Inexperienced newcomer, someone trying to ride beyond his skill level with arms flailing (like a squid) to try not to fall. – In the counterculture movements that started in the 1940s and took momentum in the 1960s a “square” referred to someone who clung to repressive, traditional, stereotypical, one-sided, or “in the box” ways of thinking.

These bikes often have good aerodynamics and lots of power, making the top models of this category the fastest bikes around. Sport touring bikes offer more comfort than a sport bike and more speed than a touring bike. A motorcycle that combines the comfort and carrying capacity of a touring bike with the handling and power of a sportbike with larger fairing and hard, lockable luggage. The term was used by hipsters in the 40s, beatniks in the 50s, hippies in the 60s, yippies in the 70s, and other individuals who took part in the movements which emerged to contest the more conservative national, political, religious, philosophical, musical and social trends.– 1.

The Shovelhead engine (V-Twin, produced from 1966 – 1984.) 3.

Harley-Davidson’s third generation overhead valve Big Twin engine.

Having both SNELL and DOT on a helmet is a very good thing.

– A chopper term for increasing the neck rake of a motorcycle by extending the length of the frame’s front downtubes, which is that part of the frame between the neck and the front motor mounts.

I.e.”He had that bike so low to the ground in the turn it was Sparkin or Sparking the Pavement.”– See Wobble – A sudden instability of a motorcycle at speed in which the front end of the bike darts from side to side uncontrollably. 4 Any Sportbike Rider – seems this term got twisted along the way and has many meanings.

Best recources I’ve heard to fix it: DO NOT slam on the brakes. Accelerate out of it or slowly close the throttle to reduce speed. 5 Sportbike riders who wear tennis shoes or flip flops, shorts, T-shirts, etc. 6 Anyone that rides without all proper gear , rides recklessly, or rides beyond their limits. Someone who rides a sportbike on the street as if he or she were on a racetrack.

A Snell rating on a helmet, indicated by a sticker inside the helmet, states that the helmet has passed performance tests.

Helmet manufacturers are not required to apply, qualify or receive a SNELL rating unlike the required by law DOT rating.

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– Bluehairs that attempt to enforce a maximum speed limit of 35mph no matter what the posted limit is. To lower a bike’s suspension (or in extreme cases remove it entirely), also a remark made to someone with intent to make comments, sometimes of a rude nature, to elicit laughs from those who hear/read it. Can refer to a race tire or a completely worn out tire with little or no tread left on it.