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I really shouldn't be starting a new fic, even if it is only going to be about 3-5 chapters, but I couldn't resist.My nights of my entire Easter/spring break have been used to watch episodes of "Dismissed", and the other night I was like, hey!Within a matter of minutes after David got into the limo, it came to a stop and the driver opened the door for him. Gordon," the man said, waiting for David to climb out. He shut the car door once David was out of the limo. Sex isn't my top priority." At that, Connor and Justin looked shocked. " For the hundredth time that night, David rolled his eyes.~ By the time the day of the show arrived, Lizzie had more or less calmed down.His friends had told David that the girl was named Elizabeth but went by Lizzie, but they had been too drunk to remember what her last name was. "Um, I'm Elizabeth Mc Guire, but everyone calls me Lizzie. But that was okay with him -- as long as he got to where he was going to meet her, it didn't really matter.

Also, each guy has a time out card to give to the other when he wants to be alone with Lizzie. Miranda loved Lizzie, she really did, but she was not happy about potentially going deaf. Luckily, this one didn't last as long as the previous. "Lizzie -- we're on spring break in , you haven't dated anyone seriously since high school, and you'll get to be on TV.

If you've never seen Dismissed (and you're lucky if you haven't, lol) and don't know how it works, here are the basics: a girl or a guy goes on a date with two people of the opposite sex (or same sex, depending on sexuality.

In this story, Lizzie is going out with two guys, Gordo and an original character.).

"Yeah, well," David started, "you know I'm not like that.

I'm here to relax, have fun, and maybe find a girl to date.

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