Narut dating interracial dating and racism

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When Kakashi realizes Naruto's assigned caretakers aren't even sort of doing their job, the young anbu decides to do a bit of long term babysitting (and possibly commit treason).

What follows is the story of Uzumaki-Hatake Naruto and his unconventional family.

Naruto is able to learn the incredibly difficult Hiraishin Jutsu during a training trip to Mount Myoboku, and he uses this in his fight against Pain.

(In which Kakashi and Iruka have taken in Sasuke and Naruto respectively, and Mizuki really is an asshole.

Please just read it, I swear it's awesome) The war is over and Naruto and Hinata's relationship didn't quite work out the way they had hoped.

When they find them on the streets when they and Naruto are five years old.) Naruto never understood why people treated him like a pariah, like a monster.

He was used to being on his own, being tough enough to stand it all.

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He taught himself what he could, and learned to adapt to his situation. Shikamaru Nara grew up with the clan around him, but always felt like he needed to be different. This fic was formerly titled "New Rules of the Game" by Kia15.

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