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But despite bringing the BBC the lowest Radio 1 listenership since 2003, Grimshaw is in hot demand.

He's currently the subject of strong rumours to take over from X Factor judge Louis Walsh – placing him at the centre of a tussle between ITV and the Beeb – and is the favourite to front Channel 4's TFI Friday comeback.

As a result, as few people listen to Radio 1 now as they did in 2003, when then-Breakfast Show host Sara Cox was fired for the plummeting figures. Grimshaw, with his camp, dapper appeal and self-deprecating wit, was brought in to fend off the tide of over-25 listeners who had followed Chris Moyles throughout his beery, bratty stint on the show.

As the younger DJ said shortly after his takeover in 2012, "We've been told the overall figures don't matter as much as whether younger people are listening." And they are: if you include listeners aged between 10 and 14, which RAJAH don't, then Radio 1's listenership is a healthy 10.57 million. That's still open for debate, but the Breakfast Show is no longer tarred with the accusations of sexism and homophobia that arose when Moyles was presenting – not least because Grimshaw is openly gay after publicly coming out in August 2012.

We were set loose in a children’s play centre after hours so we could READ MORE It’s been a long time coming, but I’m super excited to say that Charlotte de Carle and I have started DJ’ing regularly under the name Biter Sweet.

If you believe the rumours, Grimshaw could be dishing out the love – and criticism – from the X Factor judging panel, where it is hoped he will inject some much-needed relevance and zeal.I think this is good fun for us oldies, but if this show comes back he is the guy, he is the guy.” The prompt gained lukewarm reaction on Twitter, but if the opportunity arose, Grimshaw would be following a childhood dream.In an interview last year he told ES Magazine: "I grew up watching The Big Breakfast and TFI Friday.Actually I ran more than a marathon, 27.1 miles according to my Nike Running, but I did READ MORE I’m so excited to announce that George have made me the face of their incredible range of swimwear for summer 2016.If you aren’t familiar with George, it is Asda’s clothing collection, then you need to be, I’ve been finding total READ MORE One thing I have been obsessed with for as long as I can remember is music, and this London Fashion week I was invited to DJ at the Grooming Rooms.

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Upon his return on Sunday the DJ Tweeted: wrote Nick.

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