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Doctors frequently recommend antihistamines over common prescription sleep aids when the patient has insomnia because of drug and alcohol withdrawal.This strategy is thought to reduce the risk of cross dependence.

Also called histamine antagonists, antihistamines are administered to fight allergic reactions, in which cases sleepiness is considered a possibly undesirable side effect.Like all sleep medications, antihistamines artificially modify a person’s sleep patterns.They sometimes leave people groggy the next day, and the subjective quality of sleep is sometimes less than natural sleep.Vertigo and daytime sedation are frequently encountered with the use of this drug.Pyribenzamine is another first-generation antihistamine; today it is used much less frequently as newer antihistamines arrive on the market.

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Be sure to run this idea by your doctor, though, because there is a risk and you should avoid mixing sleeping pills and other substances.

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