Older younger dating websites

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Older younger dating websites

I feel very fortunate because I've found someone who's mature, responsible, dependable, and considerate.

I, and others my age who are like me, find those qualities very attractive, and an older man is likelier to possess them.

When I finally tell them the truth--that I'm old enough to be their father--they don't really care.We worked together so I certainly wasn't giving him money--we made about the same.Though there weren't that many years difference between us, it sort of bothered me.Maybe because he was sort of immature which made me feel even older.We talked about the age difference once and he said he thought it was hot.

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But, they tell themselves they are 'just attracted to younger guys' and they don't dig any deeper than that. Lots of young guys like older guys with big dicks, and good conversation/maturity. But it's unreasonable to believe we, at 40 something, can get ourselves a very young RELIABLE boyfriend. It does happen occasionally, and it isn't always due to money..it's RARE.

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