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Online dating marriage divorce rate

They found that more than one-third of all American couples who got married between 20 met online.Marriages that began when couples met online were a little less likely to break up than those who didn’t and those spouses were somewhat more satisfied with their marriages, the researchers determined.In addition, the explicit criteria – online profiles, personality tests, questionnaires – that they use to match individuals resemble the implicit criteria parents and friends use to identify prospective spouses for arranged marriages.An important difference is that third parties – dating websites and other matchmaking services or their staff – handle the “arranging” activities.My own parents certainly did, 23 years ago, when I got married.And whether parents or computer algorithms make this connection, the ultimate goal is the same: to ensure a happy and long-lasting union.

Perhaps this explains why people in arranged marriages tend to get divorced less frequently.

They are the norm in India, comprising at least 90 percent of all marriages.

The practice also remains relatively common elsewhere in South Asia, parts of Africa, the Middle East and East Asian countries like Japan and China.

When it comes to the most stressful life events, researchers rank divorce as number two, right after the death of a spouse or child and before being imprisoned or having a health crisis—and for good reason.

It goes without saying that ending a marriage can make you rethink everything you thought you knew about love—and sometimes, even, yourself.

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I believe that most people in communities where arranged marriages predominate still feel that parents and other close relatives are qualified to select marriage partners.

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