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Brunei’s human rights record will be reviewed by the U. Its method is to foster dialogue with and between governments and civil society, create a plan for improving rights and closely monitoring progress.

N.‘s Human Rights Council next month, as part of a regular assessment called the Universal Periodic Review – a relatively new process described by the International Bar Association as “the most progressive arena for the protection of the LGBTI community internationally.” Though the Universal Periodic Review has no power to enforce its recommendations, it has shown some success in advancing human rights in U. Brunei’s allies and neighbors are also well placed to put pressure on the sultan.

Younger children can be whipped for these offenses.

These laws represent serious breaches of international human rights law, my field of academic expertise.

Other countries that impose the death penalty for same-sex sexual conduct – including Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia – are not subjected to similar global condemnation.

The United Nations may stand a better chance of curbing Brunei’s behavior.

Thirty-six countries – including the United States, United Kingdom, Argentina and Australia – recently issued a joint statement expressing “profound dismay” at Brunei’s penal code, which the United Nations has deemed “cruel and unusual.” Why is Brunei’s sultan suddenly so keen to enforce Sharia across this island nation of 430,000?

That can make it harder to work collaboratively with leaders of that country to actually improve the situation.Last September, two women found guilty of attempting to have sex were sentenced to be, and were, caned.In nearby Indonesia, gay sex is legal in all but one province, but homophobia and transphobia are rising nationwide, and recent talk of criminalizing gay sex has LGBTQ Indonesians worried.Its biannual Heads of Government Meeting, set to take place in Rwanda next year, is a potential forum for meaningful dialogue about the state of LGBTQ rights across the Commonwealth of Nations, since Brunei is one of 35 Commonwealth countries that still criminalize consensual same-sex sexual conduct.If negotiations with Brunei are unsuccessful, the Commonwealth of Nations can take the powerful step of suspending its membership.

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