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The ISO has the advantages of an easy install package, the ability to operate even if the user's network card does not work "out of the box", and less experience needed (i.e., an inexperienced Linux user may not know whether or not to install a certain package, and the ISO offers several preselected sets of packages).

The initial stable release from the open SUSE Project, SUSE Linux 10.0, was available for download just before the retail release of SUSE Linux 10.0.

In the past, the SUSE Linux company had focused on releasing the SUSE Linux Personal and SUSE Linux Professional box sets which included extensive printed documentation that was available for sale in retail stores.

The company's ability to sell an open source product was largely due to the closed-source development process used.

I then removed the additional repository that I needed for much of the above.

Here is an example of the gimagereader GUI, with a French document OCR in progress, where the dictionaries have detected some misspellings Here is an example of the spell check correction in progress Here is a look at the language selections I use this program fairly often.

Users that prefer more up-to-date free software can use its rolling release distribution Tumbleweed. Moreover, the flexibility of open SUSE makes it easy to re-purpose for specific goals like running a web- or mail server.

Like most Linux distributions, open SUSE includes both a default graphical user interface (GUI) and a command line interface option.

I noted python-imaging picked up the dependencies python-tk, tix, and tk.On open SUSE-12.1 for scanning and OCR I have installed Tesseract-ocr and g Image Reader .I like the capability to be able to conduct OCR of French, German and English languages, especially since I am an expatriate living abroad.And I noted that python-gimagereader picked up the dependencies libbonobo, libbonoboui, libgnome, libgnomecanvas-2.0, libgnomeui, libgtkspell0, python-bonobo, python-egg, python-enchant, python-gnome-extras, python-gnomecanvas, python-gtkspell, python-imaging-sane, python-orbit, python-popular.I had seen reference to other GNU/Linux distributions install leptonica, but as far as I can determine, neither lpetonica-tools nor liblept2 (both packaged for open SUSE) are needed.

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This is based on the rolling development code base called "Factory".

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