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They are followed, about three centuries later, by the earliest civilization of south America - the Chavin culture of Peru.

These two first American civilizations, in Mexico and Peru, set a pattern which will last for more than 2000 years.

Archaeological evidence shows that by about 15,000 years ago the central plains of America are widely inhabited.

Traces of human activity at this time are preserved in the remarkable La Brea tar pit in Los Angeles.

When the melting ice submerges the bridge, about 10,000 years ago, these northeast Asians become isolated as the aboriginal Americans.

The Siberian hunter-gatherers probably make their way along the north coast of Alaska and down through the valley of the Mackenzie river.

In this development they are followed by the hunter-gatherers of south America and then, considerably later, by some in the northern part of the continent.This is a distinction of importance in American history, for there are no animals in America at this time strong enough to pull a plough.At first these crops merely supplement the food produced by hunting and gathering.These hardiest of all human settlers survive today as the Eskimo (or, in their own name for themselves, inuit - meaning simply 'the people').The cultivation of crops in America begins in the Tehuacan valley, southeast of the present-day Mexico City.

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