Outlook keeps updating cached headers

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Outlook keeps updating cached headers

The next time that you establish a connection to the server running Exchange, the offline folders are synchronized.Offline folders are stored in your Offline Folder file (.ost), which is different from a Personal Folders file (.pst).For more information about Cached Exchange Mode, see the Use Cached Exchange Mode section of this article or the See Also section.

However, you will not be aware of these changes on the server until you connect to the network.Hello all, We currently run Exchange 2010 version on a Server 2012r2 vmware virtual machine with all Updates up to date.Mcafee Antivirus installed and configured correctly. I have one single client at a remote location that cannot connect our exchange server correctly.When you are working offline, you work with the contents of an offline folder exactly as you do with a folder that is on the server running Exchange.For example, you can change and move items in your offline Inbox and send messages that are placed in your offline Outbox.

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The file starts as a mirror image of your folders on the server running Exchange.