Prs serial dating

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Prs serial dating

The idea was first born after Carlos and Paul sat down and decided that everyone should be able to afford a PRS.While the super high-end, outrageously beautiful USA models are definitely things to be admired, Paul recognized that not everybody has thousands of dollars to spend on a guitar and hence set out to create the first PRS SE Santana model.With a bound fingerboard, bird inlays and quilted maple top, the PRS SE Mark Holcomb is an absolute shred machine and a damn fine looking one at that.It features the PRS 25.5" scale length, two Seymour Duncan Alpha/Omega high output pickups (both of which are coil-tapped), a single volume and a single tone.If you’re new to PRS guitars, feel free to jump on over to our brand page where we have a full history of the master luthier including his humble career beginnings to highly influential endorsers.PRS SE guitars aim to offer the outstanding craftsmanship and playability to musicians, but at a more affordable price.

Being a semi-hollow instrument, it's well weighted and very comfortable over a long period gigging, we just wish we could see and hear more rockers and metal heads playing this standout guitar, it could be you!One stand out feature that must be mentioned is the PRS wrap-around hard tail bridge, which is one of the best, most well-intonated bridges we have ever seen at PMT.This guitar plays in tune all across the neck and there's no need to adjust it. - Click HERE for more information on the PRS SE 245.Click HERE for more information on the PRS SE 277 Soapbar Now we know not everybody is a shredder, we know not everybody wants a Floyd Rose, but that's why PRS have such a huge range of instruments to choose from, to cater to everyone's style.This model has a simply gorgeous flamed maple veneer and it adds quite a degree of elegance to this guitar.

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If you've not yet played an SE Custom 24 then now might be the best time to do so.