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Present day tree-ring research has expanded on a global scale.

Of significance for archaeology in the Near East is the possibility of a master chronology for cedar tree-rings based upon the work of Pierre Michel Bikai.

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Sweet Ring is the premier platform for those dedicated to meet an ideal partner.The latter factor permits analysis of annual growth in chronological terms since such growth results from naturally occurring patterned climatic conditions—patterning must remain dependent upon climatic conditions for cross-reference purposes.Comparison of many bristlecone pine rings from small core samples obtained from over the entire region facilitates cross-referencing. Matching of wood samples from various archaeological sites provides a means for the absolute dating of the sample.As a rule, researchers must find trees of the same species with distinguishable rings capable of comparison to rings of known date. Not all tree species lend themselves to tree ring analysis because some tree species do not react to climatic conditions in a way that is helpful to discerning their age.A control set of tree ring samples provides an index for comparative purposes. Other environmental factors, e.g., chemical pollutants, insect infestations, volcanic eruptions, and the like, also affect ring growth.

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