Risks of sedating infants definition of the word intimidating

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Risks of sedating infants

But even so, anesthesia does still pose some risks.

This article summarizes the principles and practice of effective conscious sedation techniques for common diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in children.

The pain of some procedures may be brief and patients may be vulnerable to delayed respiratory depressant effects of potent opioids.

The type of drug that can be used safely by non-anaesthetists is controversial.

The examination should identify any physical abnormalities, particularly those of the airway.Some procedures are very common and anaesthetists should know what sedation techniques are effective and likely to be used by other healthcare practitioners.In children presenting for anaesthesia, occasionally, it may be appropriate to use conscious sedation instead.Safety of any sedation technique is dependent upon the ability of practitioners to prevent or safely manage deeper levels of sedation.Consciousness is a continuum in which levels can be recognized.

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Levels of sedation have been defined by the ASA and they are widely accepted (Table 1).

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