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Once an ancient monastery, the park also lends an Old World charm with sites like the St. Known also as the Gorodetsky House, the House with Chimaeras was designed by its namesake, the eccentric Vladislav Gorodetsky, in 1902.The building features a distinctly art nouveau style of architecture and has been used as a presidential residence for both diplomatic and official ceremonies since 2005.More than an arboretum, Sofiyivka is also a scientific research institute for the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

All of this lends itself well to the many ski routes and 16 ski lifts of the resort.

A large country located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is a stunning patchwork of eclectic cityscapes, long standing tradition, and unforgettable horizons.

The country is well known for gorgeously built Orthodox churches as well as its far-flung forest-covered mountains and the magnificent Black Sea coastline.

The capital of Kiev is particularly well visited thanks to its rich 11th century history.

From Scythian tomb relics to incredible displays of Ukrainian architecture, there’s certainly a lot to see and do in this European gem of a country.

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As can be inferred from its name, the main draw for the House with Chimaeras are the ornate and curious decorations that sit on its façade.

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