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Keep in mind that the form and requirements list can be impacted by unique or extenuating situations, such as those listed under the heading "Inform us of unique situations." Once the claim form and required documents are received in good order, the settlement is processed within several business days.

There are a few products that cannot be sold or transferred until all the claimants' materials are received in good order, since we are unable to split up or sell the investment in pieces. Once all materials from all claimants are received in good order, processing typically takes only a few days.

Probate is a term used to describe the legal process of transferring the property of the deceased's Estate to those who will inherit.

During this process a Will (if one exists) is reviewed before a court of law.

An executor or administrator is appointed by the court to manage and distribute the deceased's property as defined by the Will and/or by state law.

Different states may have different requirements regarding Probate.

Assets are not available to heirs or designated recipient(s) until documentation requirements have been fulfilled.

Assets are not yet available to the recipient(s) until requirements are fulfilled.

To determine if an Estate needs to go through Probate consult an attorney or the county or state Probate court for the area where the deceased lived.

A telephone number for the Probate court is usually available in the county or state government listings of the phone book, or through an internet search.

Upon the death of the sole owner, interest in the account is transferred to the named beneficiary(s) according to the instructions provided by the sole account owner.

However, if the intended recipient died before the owner, or if owner's Estate was due to inherit, this type of account may still need to pass through Probate.

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