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Enjoy cute companions and your time with hot girls in Malaysia.Hot-tempered Krissy Lynn was an unhappy wife after she found out her husband Keiran cheated on her with Brittney Banxxx while she was away on a business trip."Wife" refers to the institutionalized relation to the other spouse, unlike mother, a term that puts a woman into the context of her children.In some societies, especially historically, a concubine was a woman who was in an ongoing, usually matrimonially oriented relationship with a man who could not be married to her, often because of a difference in social status.Those seeking to advance gender neutrality may refer to both marriage partners as "spouses", and many countries and societies are rewording their statute law by replacing "wife" and "husband" with "spouse". The status of a wife may be terminated by divorce, annulment, or the death of a spouse.In the case of divorce, terminology such as former-wife or ex-wife is often used.A wife is a female partner in a continuing marital relationship.The term continues to be applied to a woman who has separated from her partner, and ceases to be applied to such a woman only when her marriage has come to an end, following a legally recognized divorce or the death of her spouse.

This subject was in particular addressed by John Stuart Mill, in The Subjection of Women (1869).

A woman on her wedding day is usually described as a bride, even after the wedding ceremony, while being described as a wife is also appropriate after the wedding or after the honeymoon.

If she is marrying a man, her partner is known as the bridegroom during the wedding, and within the marriage is called her husband. g., by Roman Catholic ritual, the word bride actually means fiancée and applies up to the exchange of matrimonial consent (the actual marriage act); from then on, even while the rest of the very ceremony is ongoing, the woman is a wife, and no longer a bride, and the bridal couple is no longer referred to as such but as the newlywed couple.

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The word is of Germanic origin, from Proto-Germanic *wībam, "woman".