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Sexy fem bot

Another ethical thing to do: Make more hot male robots.

It’s easier than ever to just build your own at home if you’re over waiting for yours to come in the mail.

For programmers, this is good business: Studies have shown that people who see robots that are presented as the opposite sex are seen as more credible, trustworthy, and engaging.

The ethical response, the organization argues, is to ban them all.

The dad stands in awe at the knowledge he can attain from Alexa; the mom uses Alexa for cooking instructions.

It’s an obnoxious circle of sexist expectations being fulfilled with sexist products.

Sophia, however, was modeled after the wife of the engineer who created her, and Audrey Hepburn.

Sex robots are a whole other can of worms — even though, in the mechanically gyrating sense, they don’t exist yet.

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That’s ignoring the hotness factor — although, just because Alexa doesn’t have a face, doesn’t mean she is just thought of as a jumble of wires in a black tube.“My fiance actually refers to Alexa as my other girlfriend,” Eric Olson, a software tester, tells .

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