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Signs your dating wrong guy

The best thing to do is forget about past experiences and listen to your heart, that inner voice that tells us what we really want and often stifle and silenced out of fear.

One way to clarify your ideas is to make a series of questions.

This could also be an early warning sign that the relationship could one day journey down a dark path.

If you can’t imagine giving birth to your future children with him by your side and you don’t see him as a fit, loving father, he’s the wrong guy for you, especially if you want children at some point in the future.

Check these signs to tell if you are with the wrong guy.

Honestly answer the questions to know if the guy is serious or you should end the relationship.

Do not be afraid to answer, because your words will act as an emotional compass that will guide you.

Or, it could be a friend of yours or someone in your family. No man should ever be entitled to talk down to you and the people you love.

” Many of us are in relationships asking ourselves this question right now.

Unable to make a decision to stay or go, second guessing our intuition.

If he is selfish on the small stuff, he’ll be selfish on the big stuff too. Tries to tell you what to do, what to wear, who you should and shouldn’t hang out with.

You feel like you have no privacy, and he’s extremely jealous.

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Feeling like you can’t express yourself around your man is never a good sign.