Stanley bailey no 4 dating

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Stanley bailey no 4 dating

Mind you some of these earliest Ogee frog can still be fettle pretty good and can gives excellent results.

The later version with a rough surface, painted frog and cheesy lateral lever are not worth crap as users.

The original type study doesn't mention it, but there are several treatments of the lever cap, where its finish and the background color of the notched rectangle follow what seems to be a 'style du jour'.

I can't date accurately when each of these lever cap treatments occurred, but I can list the order in which I believe they were made: The lever cap is machined and finished as before, with the notched rectangle's background japanned.

NOTE: This type discussion, along with the foregoing material, is based on personal examination of numerous Bed Rock specimens since 1973. Frog & bed machined & mated 100%; inclined frog seat. Keen Kutter Bed Rocks had plain lever caps and Winchester Bed Rocks had Winchester marked lever caps.

Many specimens have been seen, but there is always the potential for finding a new type or an anomaly.

These are the war production planes, and all bets about what is and isn't proper on these examples, and those made in the years immediately following, are off.

Another tool pal of mine, from longuyland, has seen one before.

I suppose it was there to help prevent rusting between the blade and its cap iron?

", in a notched rectangle, makes its debut on the lever cap.

These two cutaway pics from Paul Sellers shows the small range of blade advance and retraction.

The more the blade is out, the less you can advance the frog.

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The often repeated fix is to file open the mouth area. New trademark on irons starting in 1907 The final logo, dating from 1923-1935, is identical to the second, but the "MADE IN U. A." line is a hair shorter than the length of the notched rectangle.