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Stephane dating coach

Hervé Stéphan, and went on to clock 10.35, 10.33, and 10.22 during a trip to France.

In August, took part in Seville World Championships, reaching 100m quarter finals (10.39).

At the “Francophone Games” in Ottawa in July, Buckland took gold in the 100m (10.13 NR, beating World silver medallist Bruny Surin), the 200m and the 4x100 relay.

The following month, reached 200m final at Edmonton World Championships (6th, 20.24) after setting new NR in semi-final (20.15).

One week after the World Championships, Buckland won his first individual gold medals at the Indian Ocean Games in Mauritius, taking both the 100 and the 200, as well as the 4x100 relay.

In 2004, Buckland won the 200 at the Rome GL (20.20) and placed in the top five in six more major Grand Prix meetings.

Born of a middle class family in the project of Mangalkhan, and having a really difficult life when he was young, At that time, he was doing some part time jobs everywhere he could just to help his mother and father.

Hard work and sacrifice has always been a leitmotiv for Buckland who did not have an easy life at all.

Started sports with volleyball in 1989 and was captain of a prize-winning town team. Began running in 1992 after being selected to represent his college (Imperial College) for the Inter-college Championships, where he won medals at 80m and 150m in under-16 category.Focus on Athletes biographies are produced by the IAAF Communications Dept, and not by the IAAF Statistics and Documentation Division. In 1996, he participated to his first Olympics Games with the 4x100 national team in Atlanta.If you have any enquiries concerning the information, please use the (Updated 11 September 2006)Stéphan BUCKLAND, Mauritius (200m)Born 12 January 1977, Floréal, near the town of Curepipe, Mauritius.1,78m / 70 kg. In his first Indian Ocean Island Games, on Réunion Island in 1998, finished 2nd in 100 and took gold with Mauritius team in 4x100 relay.Today Stéphan Buckland is extremely determined to use is popularity to help others, to help those kids from the project like the one of Mangalkhan to have better chances in life, in sports or in academic issues.This is why, Stéphan Buckland stepped in political issues (not with the same success as in athletics, since he was not elected) is the opportunity to give the best chances to youngsters and kids from his native town, and most particularly the kids from his project, Mangalkhan which suffers from drugs problems and a lack of facilities linked to sports and culture.

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Website: not complete school; stopped at form IV, 1994.

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