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Sticky eyes dating

The midwives said it was completely normal and would clear itself up.

Wipe with a wet cotton bud (or I found dry tissue worked too) from the inside to the outside, once only per bud/tissue (so as not to re-contaminate) Breastmilk is apparently the best thing to put on it.

When the pain kicks in, you can whip out a ‘mumsicle’ to help soothe their gums and keep them cool in the heat.“Frozen breast milk (usually in the form of an ice pop) is an excellent remedy for teething,” says Halliday.“Most babies love to chew on something cold, and with a breast milk pop you know they are also getting nutritional benefit as well as the numbing effect of the cold which can help with discomfort.”READ MORE: Uproar on Twitter following KLM's proposed new breastfeeding policy Sticky eyes According to some studies breast milk has been proven to be an effective treatment of conjunctivitis and other eye infections in newborns.

And the anecdotal evidence on parenting sites certainly suggests there’s something in it.

If using breast milk to treat nappy rash, experts recommend washing the area with clean water first, then rubbing breast milk directly onto the rash and allowing to dry before popping on another nappy.

READ MORE: Woman's breast cancer discovered after son refuses to feed from breast with tumour Sunburn“It is important for us all to be careful in the sun, and babies under a year old should be shaded, should have sun cream applied and wear loose, light clothing to protect their delicate skin,” warns Halliday.”However, sunburn in older children and adults can be soothed with the application of breast milk.

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Experts believe the antibodies found in breast milk, specifically Ig A, can help prevent germs from growing on the site of injury.“Essentially breast milk can be the first line of defence and can also be used to treat minor cuts because its high in natural sugars which help to stop bleeding,” explains Rachel Fitz Desorgher.While studies suggest breastfeeding could contribute to lower incidences of ear infections in babies, some experts believe the antibodies in breast milk itself can help to treat ear infections“A few drops of breast milk in the ear can help ease the symptoms of an ear infection too,” Halliday explains.Nappy rash, eczema or skin rashes Breast milk contains natural moisturisers that can help speed up the nappy rash healing process, something that babies tend to suffer from more in the summer thanks to the increased heat."Breast milk is absolutely full of what's called lactobacillus and these are friendly bacteria that kill bad bacteria,” explains Rachel Fitz Desorgher, baby expert at The Baby Show and author of “This is why they're such a vital part of a baby's diet.“It can be very soothing and many parents will use it for knocking back bacteria, for example, some will use it to put on baby's bottoms with nappy rash as it's very soothing.”Halliday adds that the constituents of breast milk make it a good moisturiser and of course it has antibiotic properties too.LOL if I'm out etc and don't have anything handy LOL. I did what was suggested in the mag, just get clean cotton wool dipped in cool boiled water and wipe from the inner eye to the outer, do this a few times and within 2 days it sould be gone. ok my friends son has this (a blocked tear duct) since birth they were told it should clear by one but it hadnt so he had it operated on at 14months they stuck a needle in to unblock it (didnt work still weeping) so he is booked in again for november keep in mind if it doesnt clear by one that there is a waiting list for the 21 mummy toemily 21-3-03ttc#2 My daughter is 8 weeks old and has had a sticky eye since week 2...I took her to the doctors as it was not clearing up and had read they should only have them about two said keep doing what I was doing but I said that I thought it had gone on too long.

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Being 15 weeks I guess it could still be the same and nothing to worry about.

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