Submissive woman dating

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I want you to be as confident in this program as I am, and as our current members are. You must always be 100% satisfied with your experiences. – Please don’t miss this remarkable, once-in- a-lifetime opportunity to finally date the quality of women you truly deserve. But just in case you have any lingering doubts about the quality of these women whatsoever, I’m going to make it foolproof for you. Otherwise, we will provide you with FREE dates until you are 100% satisfied. Things I enjoy as a little: (I do not age play) ~Cuddles ~Coloring ~Watching Tinkerbell movies ~Stuffies! Seeking a Dom Daddy Master for a reddish blonde big girl. My child is in college so seeking someone to share my time with. as my profile says i’m looking for a daddy son interested in having a little.~Being called “Little one, Baby girl, Princess” ~Macaroni and cheese ~Capri Suns And more... ~Laying at my master/Daddy/dominant’s feet ~Drinking/Eating out of bowls ~Being dragged around on a collar and leash And more... I crave to be controlled, owned, cherished and dominated. What I am seeking is an older strong man between 40 and 60 not married to take me by the hand. a daddy who can treat me sweetly but be strict a firm with rules is ideal.One thing that separates us from other introduction services is that we use only genuine photos of our female members – and we know that because we take the photos ourselves, as soon as a woman passes our strict requirements.

What if you could magically hold the key to dating only the type of women you prefer… If that isn’t worth ,995, then I honestly don’t know what is. When you secure one of the final Elite Lifetime Memberships within the next 72 hours, it’s yours for only ,779. I can be very very bratty especially when im having a rough day/tired. I.e punishments for not sticking to my workout/health routine/daily chores/bed times/ ect. But right now, I’m seeking a dom to put me in my place mentally. Hi you can call me Phoenix..i am reborn in so many was 1st way. Basically: 30-something newbie seeks intelligent dominant who can nuance and personalize his training, preferably older than me. Id like to eventually meet my daddy and possibly have something real out of it. I like things my way and i like getting what i want. Dont get me wrong i love being naughty but i get much more satisfaction when they use their power to control me in other ways. I'm totally new to this and not great at crisp, punchy descriptions of myself and what I want.Now, imagine something else – imagine an unlimited stream of these A-List women at your disposal, so you can repeatedly sample them until you find the one that’s right for you – or just keep on sampling.We provide even the most discerning male with attractive female companionship, delivered straight to you – no matter where in the world you are.

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