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Is there a generalization that can be made about this concept in Swiss culture? She said she was really nervous when I asked her over for dinner on Date #3, because she had just read a Swiss article about American dating (which is cute, that she was doing the exact same kind of research as I was here), wherein it indicated the 3rd date in America was typically the Sex Date.This completely agreed with my understanding of American dating.I guess this culture is better known in younger people but even for me (as I said, 29 years old) it's still very weird to hear even after growing up with all the american dating culture tropes in movies, tv-series and novels.

I mean, there are lots of other details but I really don't want to distract from my main questions about Swiss dating norms, so I'll just leave it at this for now.You are asking for generalizations when dealing with an individual.Generalizations are often next to useless unless you are dealing with the most boring, average, typical, generic person on the planet. See how she's happy, suggest how you like things, see where you can meet in the middle.Most people aren't that - most people defy their stereotype in at least a few ways. You're adults, stop acting like a teenager who's trying to be a mind-reader or googling "how to sleep with girl 100% guaranteed".that Swiss dating culture moves more slowly than an American might expect. If you are dating multiple women, don't be too conspicuous.

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