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The bridge was the only crossing until the Victoria Street Bridge was built in the ’60s. Some experts are calling bull hockey on that saying with a bit of work it’d be fine.

Afterwards, the “old bridge”, as it came to be called, was used as a secondary road bridge, then later exclusively for foot traffic before closing altogether recently on being deemed unsafe. They suggested keeping it as a pedestrian bridge, a standing monument, an homage to the town’s past.

There are three very interesting bridges spanning the mighty Columbia River all a stone’s throw from downtown Trail British Columbia.

One is over a hundred years old and not long for this world, it’s going soon, further upstream and under construction is a structure that will replace the former.

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The roadway is one lane wide, necessitating one way at a time traffic.

There’s a walkway on one side and a pipeline support on the other.

The structure is pretty much as built and retains a great deal of historic integrity.

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