Tricia covel dating

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Tricia covel dating

They welcomed two children together and when Brooks & Dunn called it quits, Ronnie credits his wife with helping him launch his solo career.

“She told me, ‘You’ve been running hard for 20 years — and for about 15 years before that you were running hard to get here.

5 There are a lot of incredible country music couples on this list, but there are few more iconic than Tim Mc Graw and Faith Hill.

Despite massive stardom for both of them, since marrying back in 1996 the two have not been apart for more than three days straight, and that is just one cornerstone to their incredible marriage.

In the entertainment industry fans have become accustomed to hearing of splits and divorces so often that the long-standing couples often get overlooked.

In the music industry it is often difficult to keep the love alive with busy and long touring schedules, and even more time in the recording studio, but some couples have made it work.

“Lisa is a big reason I’ve learned to live in my skin. I would’ve become more reclusive, but she was having none of that,” he revealed.

Over 25 years later, the two are as much in love as they were all those years ago, and still occasionally perform together as Lisa also took on singing.

Although it took some time for the pair to become romantic, Gill has admitted that he was drawn to Grant as soon as he met her.

When the pair first met though, things were a lot different as Faith had recently become engaged to her former producer Scott Hendricks, but shortly into her tour with Mc Graw their attraction was undeniable and they became a couple.

Within a few months Hill became pregnant with their first child, so the pair quickly married on October 6, 1996, with many assuming it was a shotgun marriage that would never last.

In 2010 they launched their career as the duo Thompson Square and haven’t looked back.

After 20 years together, they welcomed their first child, son Rigney Cooper, in early 2016.

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