Updating an ibook

Posted by / 17-Jun-2020 19:10

Updating an ibook

I’m not super surprised by that, but as the future of i Books Author is unknown, I’d like a way to know I can edit this file using Pages in the future.

The options when creating a book in Pages are currently more limited than what is available in i Books Author.

First is PDF handling, which has improved hugely on the pathetic first attempt.Finally (well, finally apart from bug fixes) is the ability to zoom in on images.Double-tap an image in a book and it will grow to fill the page as the text fades behind it.Kindle for i OS app has had nighttime mode for years, and its omission surely ushered many a late-night reader away from i Books.The execution in the new version is what you’d expect: Full-screen mode is another big change.

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