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The exterior design of a home is so important in revealing to the buyer, or nosy onlooker, what kind of property lies beyond its front doors.From modern house facades to classic house facades, we’ve chosen our favourite home exterior designs from properties around Australia to get those facade ideas flowing.Discover more facade ideas with brick There’s nothing worse than forgetting one little element in your house facade design and having it let down the entire look.Read more: Single storey facade ideas Consider opting for a timber garage door, which will pair beautifully with the rest of the design.By using retaining walls and smart planting you can use the slope as an asset, instead of something that may put some buyers off.An estate of grand proportions, such as the 1935 Tudor-style manor Bonnington, calls for traditional details in a facade.

It means your chance to add some lush greenery to the facade just grew by at least a few metres.Grey has become the modern exterior colour scheme for houses Live on a sloping block and wonder how you can still say ‘wow’ with your home exterior design?Embrace the mystery of the partially hidden home with clean lines and nondescript colours.Choose a traditional timber door and get yourself a tub of paint in your favourite primary colour – whether it’s bright blue, fire engine red or lipstick pink. A beautifully paved path can be done yourself with a weekend’s work – the efforts being well worth it. You don’t want to shroud the view of your outer house design altogether, but planting a grand old dame of a tree in your front yard can really add a sense of prestige.There’s nothing more enticing than a bold front door. Read our great how-to on getting a dreamy front door. Advanced trees can cost a fortune, so buy plantings if you have the patience to watch them grow.

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Ignoring the striking cement sculpture flanking the garden path for a sec, Popov has also been bold in his use of colour, inserting an orange front door behind a slatted Corten steel and glass screen.

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