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There are two main techniques that you can use to do this.

Visit Stack Exchange I have a jar, and I need to replace a class in it, at this moment, I can only open it with "archive manager" and then drag and drop the new compiled class into the jar, but I think this is really boring, if I can do with with just a command ?The structure of the app is something like this - Test (All the classes needed to run the app) | | (Some text files, from which the questions and answers are read) Reading from the jar files is no problems. Ok, please bear with me, as it is kind of late and I might not be able to explain this as well as I could :rolleyes: Right, now I know basic Java (All self taught) Arrays, Variables, File IO, little bit of Sockets, Swing, ect. During the installation we need to update the jnlp file inside war file, with some properties which user gives.and these properties will be used on the client side. Iam trying to update a jar file programatically through java. I have a WAR file that contains a couple of JAR files, one of which has a properties file that needs to be updated before deploying the app.I know that this is architecturally wrong, but my application has to be a single jar. Dear Folks, I know I am being a pain in the a** with my incessant questions today, but I appear to have a strange problem here.I am trying to make several changes to a GUI-based chat program which previously ran perfectly.

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There's even a db file copied which I can't find anywhere. All I want is to copy in the gif files from another directory with the same parent.

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