Updating kernel with yum Free pissing sex chatrooms

Posted by / 31-Dec-2020 16:08

indicates which kernel will be loaded from the available kernels in this file.

The kernels are referenced starting from zero, so a value of 0 indicates to use the first kernel, 1 indicates to use the second, 2 the third, and so on.

This guide is about updating your Linode’s current kernel to a newer version.

Change the "default" value as appropriate to load the new kernel you installed.

Generally, you can change this to 0 and load the top-most kernel listed in [6] Once the server comes back online, login via SSH as the root user.

You can see above that "default" has a value of 1, which indicates to use the 2.6.18-274.3.1.el5 kernel on reboot.

Changing this to 0 will cause the first kernel listed to be loaded upon reboot.

updating kernel with yum-42updating kernel with yum-25updating kernel with yum-67

With the new kernel containing Spectre patches, it refused to load the Realtek Wireless drivers into memory. This makes the distro useless, as it has no network connection.