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Mark Berseth wrote a very interested article about Bulk Insert Data Using List View Control.

Basically, the List View control is displayed with the Text Box controls in each row (like MS Excel).

Now, the user can write in the Text Box and then use the submit button to insert all the new rows to the database.

This works well when you are inserting the data into the database.

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At the end of this wizard, a “connection Strings” element will be added to your Web.config file.

There should be some way to only update the changed row.

In this post I am going to discuss a simple technique that solves this problem.

You will change only one row and press the submit button.

The List View control does not know which row has been changed and hence you will have to send all the rows back to the database even though only a single row got changed.

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I am attaching the onchange Java Script function to the Text Boxes.

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