Updating the b 52

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The B-52 completed sixty years of continuous service with its original operator in 2015.

After being upgraded between 20, it is expected to serve into the 2050s.

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is an American long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bomber.

The Air Force project officer who reviewed the Model 464-40 was favorably impressed, especially since he had already been thinking along similar lines.On Thursday, 21 October 1948, Boeing engineers George S.Schairer, Art Carlsen and Vaughn Blumenthal presented the design of a four-engine turboprop bomber to the chief of bomber development, Colonel Pete Warden.In September 1947, the Heavy Bombardment Committee was convened to ascertain performance requirements for a nuclear bomber.Formalized on 8 December 1947, these requirements called for a top speed of 500 miles per hour (440 kn, 800 km/h) and an 8,000 mile (7,000 nmi, 13,000 km) range, far beyond the capabilities of 464–29.

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The bombers flew under the Strategic Air Command (SAC) until it was disestablished in 1992 and its aircraft absorbed into the Air Combat Command (ACC); in 2010 all B-52 Stratofortresses were transferred from the ACC to the newly created Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC).