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Because Porter dodged the traditional rules of society, it seems even more egregious.

A proud mother of 4 (including her oldest son fathered by Al B.

“Even in death, they seek to erase us,” I thought, while scrolling through my Twitter feed.

On November 15, 2018, 47-year-old former model and actress Kim Porter was found deceased in her home after a brief battle with pneumonia.

Sure) and bonus mom that diplomatically co-parented with her exes and their exes, Porter did not marry but became the glue of her blended family anyway.

Women like Kim Porter live life on their own terms.

RELATED: Kim Porter’s Ex, and Biological Father of Her Eldest Son, Posts Touching Throwback Tribute" data-reactid="40"RELATED: Kim Porter’s Ex, and Biological Father of Her Eldest Son, Posts Touching Throwback Tribute Essence’s December 2006 issue, Combs shared that he had no plans to marry Porter.What I know for sure is that women are more than the sum of the men they date, marry and have sex with over a lifetime.Even when we love men that are prominent -- it is rarely the most interesting thing about us.Other publications omitted her name from the headline entirely, opting to run with "Diddy’s Ex" or "Diddy’s Babymama." Silently seething, I grew more offended as I continued to scroll. I dated influential men and was once married to a man who was prominent in our community.I understand what it is like to live in the shadows of the man you love, trying to swallow the indignities that come with being the one who is not in the spotlight.

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I know what it is like to be invisible in the eyes of some and treated like eye-candy by others. You begin to forget who you were before you were coupled.