Who is alexa vega dating 2016

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Who is alexa vega dating 2016

However, none of the involved parties commented on this rumor. Her relationship with Carlos and her new marital life was still not known to the public.

Though it is too soon to judge, there are no rumors about any argument or other problems between them and thus, their relationship is in a smooth phase, as of now.

The separation settlement was smooth and the details about the alimony and other settlement were not known.

It was said that she got separated from him in 2011 which states that her marriage lasted for only one year.

Alexa was born to Colombian father and mother Gina Rue who previously worked as an American model and later moved to California with her family.

Alexa’s relationship with Sean after the separation is not known.

She succeeded in her first audition for the role of Emily Newton in the final season of .

Since then, she became a firm fixture on our screens with her phenomenal delivery of dialogues and exceptional performances.

Even when she was dating Carlos, she did not mention about it to the media, until, Carlos announced that he was dating her.

Though there were a few rumors about it, she never addressed them.

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Her debut single was "Isle of Dreams." Vanity Fair magazine listed Alexa Vega as the year's hottest teenage celebrity in 2003.

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