Who is edge wwe dating

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Who is edge wwe dating

She most recently appeared on the 25th Anniversary of Monday Night Raw, in 2018, as part of a segment honoring female WWE legends.She also participated in the first women’s Royal Rumble Match.

– As previously reported, WWE Hall of Famer Edge and Beth Phoenix attended a recent NHL hockey game on 5/30. Beth Phoenix had previously dated CM Punk, who is currently romantically linked with Lita, who infamously cheated on Matt Hardy with Edge.

Not only are these women beautiful, but they are also are strong, powerful and smart. As a former fitness model, Torrie Wilson was the perfect woman for the WWE.

She worked as a Diva for seven years with various storylines.

Of course that’s gonna affect you and of course that’s gonna hit you.

I understand roles and [Charlotte Flair’s] awesome and I always want her to do absolutely amazing things and she’s so capable and everything that she’s been through and she has so much passion for this business and is such a wonderful sweet human being.

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