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Yashica camera dating

Where the 124G is a slick, all-black monster of professional goodness, the 124 is a more refined-looking instrument, with chrome brightwork and pebbled covering.

Until I held them both together I would have said the differences are largely cosmetic, but using them side by side reveals that there were a host of small refinements made to the G model besides the all-black finish and the reported gold-plated electrical contacts.

Kyocera acquired Yashica in 1983, but faced with strong competition, camera production ceased in 2005.

At present, the Yashica brand name is being used by JNC Datum, a Hong Kong company.

Sometimes the blades stick from sitting too long (years? Good as new for a short time, then they froze again.

I ended up removing the taking lens elements and cleaning the blades with Rosonol (lighter fluid), then worked them till they were clean.

I figured it out and I’ll tell you so you know: the middle group is set into a threaded ring that looks fixed but actually unscrews counterclockwise as a whole. Nothing to grip, I just used the pressure from my surgical-gloved fingers.Before them – among others – came the 12 (120 film only) and 24 (220 film only) but both the 124 and 124G take either 120 or 220 film.You reposition the film pressure plate to tell the auto frame counter which number to count to.If necessary switch the pressure plate to read either 120 (green) or 220 (red).Move the empty spool to the top takeup position, put the film in the bottom, draw out the leader and insert into the takeup spool.

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And for the record, next to the two 124s the Yashica D is clearly a budget model, even if the lenses are the same.

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